Why should I donate blood?

Though Covid19- patients are very unlikely to need blood, there are a large number of patients with various other medical conditions who need blood components as a matter of life and death. In fact in Mumbai almost 900 patients need blood transfusions every day. Their lives are at risk if there is no blood in Blood Centres.

Can't the Health Authorities do something about availability of blood?

Blood cannot be made by developing software, running machinery, synthesizing chemicals in a laboratory, employing skilled workers or doing hard labour. Blood Centres will have blood only if people donate blood.

Can i not donate blood sometime after the lockdown?

For you there can be some other time. But, for the patients who need blood there may be no second time. They may lose their lives. In fact, it is more necessary to donate blood now than at any other time.

Is it safe to donate blood during the present period?

The venue of blood donation will be kept clean and sanitized. A visit to the venue will be safer than going to a grocery store or the local chemist. Follow the same rules that you employe every time you step out from your house. Practice hand hygiene, wear a mask, maintain social distancing norms from persons other than the medical staff attending to you at each stage.

Are the employees of the Blood Centre trained in the present context of Covid-19?

Employees of the Blood Centre rigidly follow safety protocols, including wearing gloves/masks/aprons, disinfecting donor-touched areas, using sterile collection sets for every donation, and preparing the arm for donation wiht an aceptic scrub. Safe distances will be maintained by them between the various stages in the process of blood donation. They will also ensure safe distance between any 2 donors. The Blood Centre staff is, in any case, trained in universal precautions to prevent the spread of any infection.

Will I be subjected to a Covid Test before donation?

No, there will not be any Covid test before blood donation. Only healthy persons are expected to come for blood donation Anybody having fever, cold or cough will be told to desist from donating blood. If anybody turns up with any such symptom, he/she will be stopped at the entry point.